Our Doulas

Chellie Powell

Chellie is certified as a Birth and Postpartum Doula by DONA, and has been practicing since 1998. She is trained in various methods of labor support, including Hypnobirthing. Her presence brings calmness and reassurance to women and their partners. Her encouraging support allows her clients the freedom to pursue their goals either in the labor room or at home with their newborns.

In addition to her own two healthy children, Chellie has cared for “at-risk” newborns. She has extensive experience with multiples and is available to help you achieve continuity, structure and calm throughout the birth and postpartum experience. Pictured here with her grandchildren.

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Rená Koerner

Bringing Knowledge and Compassion to families

A certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator and Doula Trainer for over 15 years, Rená has been extreme joyful in bringing knowledge along with her compassion to the families that she serves.

Also as an original founding member of Doulas of the South Bay it has been an extreme honor for her to serve the local community by participating in outreach programs, advanced Nurse trainings and volunteering to help educate those who support birthing families.

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Maricela Alvarez

Providing gentle support and care to new parents and newborns

Maricela, a native of Torrance, is a mother to four sons. Her passion for motherhood is what inspired her to become a postpartum doula. Before becoming a doula, she taught dance classes, worked with adults with intellectual disabilities, and provided support services to a young lady with Autism. Bilingual in Spanish, Maricela has spent several years living abroad in the Dominican Republic and Argentina.

As a CAPPA certified postpartum doula, Maricela brings peace and calmness as she supports new parents on their journey. Maricela supports parents as they transition into their new roles and helps them feel confident with their abilities to care for their infant. Her clients have said they can rest well when Maricela is present and find her gentle support to be beneficial as they navigate their new role.

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Ambrosia Meikle

Empowering the birth of families through doula services

Ambrosia's goal as a doula is to provide assistance, support and information during times of transition and growth. She is passionate about serving her community as a doula so that families feel empowered and equipped to accomplish their dreams of building a family. Ambrosia believes that everyone should have access to a doula in efforts to obtain a healthy and positive pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.

Born and raised in the South Bay she and her husband Richard have two children, 3 and 9. Ambrosia was recently a surrogate for a family overseas and actively participates in bringing awareness to women's health issues. Ambrosia is currently working towards her certification for both labor and postpartum doula services through CAPPA.

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